Joseph Quinn Gets Emotional After Fan Reveals How Much Everyone Loves His Stranger Things Character

All actors love to receive praise, but Joseph Quinn got very emotional when one fan told him how much she loved his portrayal of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things at an event.

Quinn has shot to fame in 2022 thanks to his charismatic performance of metal fan Eddie in the hit Netflix show, with his long hair, guitar shredding skills and attitude.

But he’s perhaps still getting used to fame, as during an appearance at the Showmasters Comic Con in the UK, he became emotional as one female fan told him how far she had travelled to meet him because of how Eddie had struck a chord with her and others.

The fan also said how ‘nice’ Quinn had been to her when she had initially met him the previous day. This was the point that visibly moved Quinn and he apparently shed a few tears.

Of course, this encounter was filmed and the clip was uploaded to Twitter, where it has received nearly 500,000 views, with viewers raving over the wholesome encounter. One commentator said they hoped he now knows how much he means to the fandom.

Whether Eddie will return in some form in season 5 of Stranger Things is yet to be seen, but his legend has been confirmed among the show’s fandom.