Hilarious Comics by Joseph Novak with Absurd Jokes and Dark Twists

Today we came to give a dose of witty and hilarious dark humor that will definitely make your day so much better. So, meet an artist Joseph Novak, a 34-year-old Canadian illustrator and a comedian, a cartoonist who presently lives in Berlin. Moreover, Joseph designs witty and funny single-panel comics.

So, the most thrilling factor of Joseph’s creations is that you will get what you never expected. You can never guess what awaits you. Moreover, in his wild, similar heavens, anything is achievable. Since 2013 Joseph has been working on a comic named Nowakdraws. Moreover, his obsession and his passion gained him 10k followers on Instagram. Artist Joseph has an interest in graphic design, and besides this witty genre, he designs other genres as well.

Wit and funniness are the two factors that make his work exceptionally outstanding. First, it might make you gash your head with confusion, but in the end, it will make you burst into laughter.

Profile info: nowakdraws.com | Instagram | Facebook | twitter.com


Moreover, artist Joseph has some talent for finding humor in the stupidest and most casual situations. Like he creates some real scenario, such as The person receiving the bouquet and the banana sliding over the flowers for the daily struggle of centipede or robot relationship problems. And I think creating this type of illustration takes a lot of time and inspiration, and Joseph is so inspired by the real world.

Besides, we know that you guys crave witty and hilarious dark humor. Therefore, we have compiled some hilarious dark & funny comics. So, go and have a look and enjoy.