International singer and actor Jennifer Lopez took the internet by storm as she shared steamy pictures of herself flaunting her perfectly toned body in a bikini on Instagram as she celebrated her 52nd birthday. She also made her relationship with Ben Affleck official through one of the pictures in which the duo is sharing a passionate kiss.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the prolific American artists who has gained popularity over the years for her stunning performances and has inspired many with her scintillating beauty.

Most of us can’t believe, she turned 52. It might be buying the best nutrition and fitness advice possible in addition to being a dancer, it might be genetics, maybe witchcraft, who knows? But Jenny from the Block isn’t showing her age at all, and never has.

Jennifer knows how to celebrate, too—maybe most of us would celebrate if we arrived at 52 looking 26. She marked her July 24th birthdate with some stunning selfies, including video, and a single photo of her in an embrace with Ben Affleck.

She reminded the world of her timeless charisma and made her renewed relationship with Affleck—they first met in 2001 and their relationship went public in 2003.

Jennifer was seen sporting a stunning two-piece bikini with a cool hat. She posted the picture on her Instagram stories and titled it ‘queen.’ She even added yet another picture of Lopez in which she was seen kissing her beau and actor, Ben Affleck.

This comes at a good time in general for Lopez. She’s in Maxim’s Hot 100 yet again. She released a single recorded with rapper Reggi El Auténtico, “Cambia el Paso” in early July, is considering a Las Vegas residency, and she and Affleck are doing so well they’ve been touring LA mansions together.