Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Miniature Dioramas Every Day For 10 Years

Tatsuya Tanaka is a Japanese artist creating miniature scenes for 10 years. He started a project called Miniature calendar. In that, he creates a scene from items like food, a calculator, cloth, and other daily and household objects. He started the Miniature calendar with an objective to show everybody that miniature scenes can be fun with a few twists.

He created around 3,650 scenes and miniature crafts. To celebrate 10 year anniversary Tatsuya organizes exhibitions at The Mizuno Museum, Japan, and in other cities of the World. His exhibitions attracted almost 1.5 Million visitors till now and it’s still increasing.

We bring you some of his masterpieces hope you like them and enjoy them and don’t forget to tell us which is your favorite in the comment section.

1. Mini Santa on Notebook

2. Wrinkles!! Now happy?

3. Life-saving surgery

4. Disciplined cycle parking

5. Excercise on stationery

6. This one is brilliant

7. Still scary

8. Billiards on dining table

9. Vacation is here

10. Looking delicious

11. Bakery

12. Expensive band

13. Takeoff

14. Farmers on the field

15. Stunning

16. Veggie market

17. Matrix is always trending

18. Yipeee!! Skiing

19. Are you enjoying it?

20. Chart is showing good growth

21. Shushi train reached its destination

22. “Book” Climbing

23. Gymnast on Sushi bars

24. ‘Miniature’ Skyscraper

25. Sauna bath in microwave

26. Next order, please

27. Don’t go there it’s a dangerous

28. You need to lose weight

29. It stinks

30. Aliens are real