30 Illustrations That Depict The Irony Of Today’s World

The society we live in is not even something near to perfect. People don’t care about each other. Many of them are pretend to be nice but from inside they are not. In today’s world many people are just pretending. Rather than focusing on wrong things, we people are just increasing it day by day.

As said, pictures speak louder than words so, we have collected some thought- provoking illustrations which made you think what’s the wrong things happening in our modern society.

You will see many incredible things in these illustrations- people are just pretend to help Others, women’s character has been decided by her outfit, how children suffer from their massive load of study, how we people destroy our earth, ‘so called’ social media trends and many more.



People just follow others without thinking.



People pretend to help but they are not. From inside they are so cruel and selfish.


Here, a woman is judged by her outfit. Even society give her so many tags if she is wearing below from ‘proper’ then she is old fashioned and just above from ‘proper’ then she is flirty.