9+ Ironic Comics & Artist Illustrations About Daily Life Of Girl

Illustrating anything is not an easy task as it requires a lot of creativity and not everyone has such creativity. But when someone illustrates or draws comics by relating them to daily life then it is just of another level as anyone can relate to it. One such artist, who draws short comics that are related to the life of a girl is Amby Vaingankar. 

She is a caricaturist and she has created her own character of being a girl with purple hair. Amby draws fun comics by taking her everyday feelings in mind. She tries to create her work in such a way that every girl can relate to bringing pleasure and enjoyment. If you also love to view comics related to girls’ daily life then you should follow Amby Vaingankar on Instagram

#1 Don’t Quit You Strong Girl!!

#2 I Am Not Seducing You!!

#3 The Rights of Villains Matter When It Comes!!

#4 Out As Well Planning!!

#5 Current Life of A Hoarder!!

#6 Go Have The Water Sliced!!

#7 The Man Over There Though!!

#8 It’s My Birthday Baby!!

#9 Oh Yeah, A Mature and Responsible Actually Grown!!

All the girls out there!! Let us know which one is the most relatable.