13 Interesting Illustrations Show What Motherhood Really Looks Like!!

Motherhood is one of the most amazing feelings for any girl. But it is not easy to pass the phase of motherhood as there are a lot of funny but real problems that every mother has to face in their daily life. One such mother, Jade Nordahl, once started drawing some funny moments of her daily struggles.

Jade has drawn everything that she thinks every mother goes through. It is most relatable to all the mothers. Jane feels that every drawing is a part of her motherhood that has become a memory now. So let us have a look at her work. 

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#1 Kid is looking for food in public!

#2 Mom! I am still up!

#3 Not Today!

#4 Oh God!!

#5 Giving their toys a bath!!

#6 It’s such a precious moment when you get to be alone!

#7 Kid really wants to give you a hug!!

#8 No real food but taste of sound!!

#9 The most relaxed place to sit down!

#10 Really not a single moment alone in toilet!!

#11 When the child says, “I ate all the fruits.”

#12 I’m going to be here, making sure you’re not plotting to harm yourself!!

#13 You never knew how big the kids are until you get out of bed!!

#14 Pain level every mother is used to!!