10+ Hilarious Times Instagrammers Faked Their Photos So Much And Slammed For It

It’s no news that most people’s Instagram feeds are an edited version of their reality. Be it they only post the chic newly-bought outfit or exclusively flaunt the incredible holidays they’re able to go on, people are rarely sincere about their lives on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Perfect people in the photos are not perfect because the spotted outcomes on accounts and stories are nothing more than photoshop, extreme editing, clever angles, and good lighting.

Making things look a lot better has become a thing of Instagram, but it appears a Reddit community isn’t in agreement with this. r/Instagramreality has been showing off Instagrammers who ridiculously edited their photos all for the thousands of likes and comments. With over 900K members, the community regularly shares newly edited photos that appear too perfect to be true. We’ve gathered some of the accounts best for your perusal, and they certainly will leave you stunned. Besides, do brace yourself up as some of the edits turned out creepy. Have a look!

#1 “Skin Texture, We All Have It.”

January-J-Rose -Via

#2 “I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin. With The A**? Or The Clipart Wine Glass?”


#4 Same day.

#5 “1.2 Million Followers Btw.”


#6 “Badly Editing Yourself Into Famous Locations Is Easily One Of My Most Hated IGR Trends.”

#7 “No Actual Trees Were Harmed Will Creating That Tiny Waist.”

#8 “Shooped So Hard That It Looked Like They Can’t Even Move A Face Muscle.”

#9 “What In Tarnation Is This???”

#10 “First Time I’ve Ever Seen Someone Photoshop Their Fridge.”


#11 “Those Proportions Though.”


#13 “When Blurring Your Wrinkles, Don’t Forget To Blur Your Reflection Too…”

#14 “Photographer’s Page Vs. Model’s Page.”

#15 We’ve Got Another Member Of The Pea-Head Squad


#16 “Someone Needs To Come Take Their Moms Phone (In The Comments She Swears She Didn’t Edit).”

#17 May have forgotten one part…

#18 “Pants For Stick People.”

#19 “What She Lacks In Calves She Makes Up In Shoe Size.”

#20 “Every Post Is This Weird Forced Laugh Pose And Soullessly White Eyes.”


#21 “I Can’t Believe She Thought This Was Fine To Post! Her Face Is So Edited It Looks Like A Drawing.”

#22 “Chinese Online Shopping Mall. Yeag Chinese Are Crazy For Being Tall And Long Legs. No Need To Explain More.”

#23 “Guys, I’m Scared.”

#24 “Whitest Teeth In The West.”

#25 “I Physically Recoiled When I Saw The EYES.”


#26 “She Doesn’t Have Nose.”

#27 “Someone Photographed A Chinese Celebrity And Showed What She Truly Looks Like Without Photoshop.”

#28 “I Don’t Know Where To Start.”

#29 “Econ 101.”

#30 “Same Girl All Photos.”