Instagram Model Puts Phone In Back Pocket To Catch All The Men Checking Her Out

Checking other people out is pretty harmless in my opinion, as long as you don’t go out of your way to let them know you’re doing it.

Unfortunately, many folks don’t respect this basic rule. They deserve to be named and shamed. But this model’s experiment that’s gone viral on TikTok is in kind of a grey area. What we have here is more of an entrapment situation.

Alexas Morgan is a model with over four million followers on Instagram, and she has a magnificent body that she shows off at every opportunity, much to those followers’ delight.




She is particularly focused on her own derriere.

I guess she knows her audience:

As a kind of joke, Morgan made a video in which she puts her phone in her back pocket with the camera on and facing out.

“I’m gonna see how many stares my booty gets, and I’m gonna put the camera right here,” she says.