20 Hilarious Comics Showing Inner Conflicts And Day-To-Day Struggles By Larkness


Do you ever wonder from where do these many thoughts often come to your mind? If you are not a Zen monk, then we are sure that you too are constantly thinking about something or the other and keep wandering about mind here and there. You should understand that these interactions going on inside you can be both negative and positive. And we have heard that we can become what we think in the future because this is the reason for the dialogue of the mind. Because it also reflects your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and questions.

For real peace of mind, first of all, you should make sure that positive thoughts are running in your mind. Because positivity always proves effective in showing the right direction to the person. Estela Ribero Kuntz, also known as Lark or Larkness, is a talented artist who often expresses her inner self through her witty illustrations. This artist’s comics are based on daily life and everyday struggles with her mind. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more information. Scroll down and enjoy her self-thought artwork.




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