10+ Illustrations by French Artist That Clearly Depicts It Is Important To Be Yourself Always

Today we are going to talk about women’s lives again. We will also talk about their personal and social lives. Today we will talk about the physical constitution of women but do not make fun of them. A lot of comics have made on those things because of such discrimination. Now we are going to talk about French illustrator Cecile Dormeau. She made some beautiful illustrations that are a beautiful reminder that our bodies and imperfections are different and unique from each other. 

Be thankful for whatever God has given to us. She says, do not get caught up in the awkward pictures and do not fall into the trap of wonderful colours face the truth first. She warned us that do not be fooled by colourful, often eye-popping pictures/illustrations because simple pictures may do not mean they are less cynical about what it means to be a woman. Being a woman is a difficult task in life. Without a woman, no one’s life can go on. Because it is possible for a human being to be on this earth only because of a woman, it is a woman who gives birth to man. There is a clear answer for those men who consider women inferior in every field.






















Women had to face many situations but they always try to overcome the problems. The French artist has clearly depicted everything through his illustrations. For more such illustrations, you can refer to online descriptions by Cecile.

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