Let’s Imagine Animals In Disney Cartoons To Be Human


The history of Disney is very old and it is known to all that during the long history of its formation and development, Walt Disney has produced hundreds of films where the main characters are animals. These main characters have made their place among the people. It also conveys a meaningful and human message in a Disney film. Because the audience directly connects with these animals, the audience is deeply immersed in them seeing them.

In these Disney movies, we have seen and loved familiar animals like dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and apart from these, we can also see other wild species like lions, hippopotamus, hyenas. We may never have come in contact with these wild animals. But have you ever thought that what would have happened if they were human and how would things have been? With these ideas in mind, modern and talented artists have transformed animals from Disney cartoons into humans. Scroll down and enjoy these ideas and illustrations.

#1 Flush – Zootopia

#2 Nick and Judy – Zootopia

#3 Lady and Tramp – Lady and The Tramp

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#4 Simba – Lion King

#5 Po – Kungfu Panda

#6 Lady – Lady and The Tramp

#7 Melman and Gloria – Madagascar

#8 Scrat – Ice Age

#9 Chloe – The Secret Life of Pets

#10 Dory – Finding Nemo

#11 Nala – Lion King

#12 Mittens and Bolt – Bolt



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