This comic shows how ridiculous the “I’m Not Like Other Girls” attitude is (9 Pics)

Julie Hang is a talented cartoonist. When this artist was a little child, she chose to differentiate herself and even rationalize herself. She was different and not like other girls. This artist says that she was a very shy and worried child. Julie also told that as a child, it was very difficult for her to make friends. The artist says that instead of accepting and conquering her anxiety, she felt that there was something that set her apart from other girls. The artist further told that the comic ‘me vs. other girls’ falling online further reinforced the negative feelings and perceptions she had towards other girls. And these ideas made the artist feel like it was a good thing.

But the artist went on to tell us that something amazing happened to her as she spent some time alone. This talented artist has not only grown as an artist but also as a great human. The artist says that she has realized that resentment can never help anyone. The artist further told us that meeting and understanding more people helped open up the artist’s worldview.

Julie further told that it was like a blank canvas for everyone that gave the artist a chance to dispel all those categories and misconceptions about girls that the artist had kept for so long. The artist further revealed that she was distancing herself from the people she previously thought she was a part of her the most. And she had a lot in common with those girls. Julie Hang goes on to say that she has a variety of backgrounds and interests that make her lifelong friends and that they are talented, funny, caring, kind girls.

Recalling her childhood years, the artist says that she was affected by social isolation. She says when you are young you always try to know who you are. And the one thing you want is personality. She says that with time, she got rid of the toxic attitude, and now she has a lot of things going on in her life. This talented artist is now a motion designer at part IV, a digital marketing firm with a degree in animation from Otis college of art and design.