30 Illustrations By Michal Dziekan That Show The Dark And True Side Of Modern Society

Our world is full of problems. From global warming to consumerism and social media addiction. A Polish based artist Michal Dziekan brings a new style and uses his work to illustrate these social issues and he make you rethink about your choices and lifestyle. He started to draw at 15 and his current illustrations are based on topics and ideas. Although, you will find that his illustrations are not for kids as he hides some deeper ideas in his artwork.

Source- Instagram

#1 Embracing sexuality and expression

#2 What if the human-animal roles were reversed?

#3 Parent’s obsession with forcing their kids perform

#4 The uncanny labyrinth of pleasuring a woman

#5 Many responsibilities drifts couples away from each other

#6 Irrational fears for babies among today’s couples

#7 Dangerous art of extraction, Inception

#8 Inept corruption under the nose of law enforcers

#9 No one can run away from their past

#10 The less appreciated common sense