Illustrations That Show Expectations Vs. Reality Of Girls In Relationship

Traveling freelance artist and webcomic Sasha Tsoy draws from her heart. Her illustrations are relatable and soul touching. After graduating in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London, Sasha moved to Paraguay, South America.
Sasha illustrates the daily life of a couple and the struggles that everyone faces every day. Here are some of them, which will surely strike the right chords in you.

This is what true love really is

1st Base: S*x

2nd Base: Cuddle

3rd Base: Passing toilet rolls to your partner in cases of emergency!

Mickey Mouse

Every girl deserves a guy like this. After all, a man knows how to make their woman laugh out loud like a girl.

Blackhead to red face

Remove blackheads they said, but what will happen next? No one answered that for us.

This seems rather unnessesary, don’t you think?

The faster people take casual racism seriously, the better. Honestly, people have had enough, and they want a break from your bias.

The cute exchanges in a relationship

To be in love is to be comfortable in your own foolishness and knowing that your partner is there to support your idiosyncracies too.

Summers are a special type of hell

It’s good that you have a partner with you to support you and take you through the special hell of high temperatures.

Long flights spare no one, her included

Messy hair, don’t even care. Panda look is good to go. Who needs black eyeshadow when you have eyeshadows on such loud displays all day long?

Blackhead, why you hate us

The relatability is uncanny. It often happens that women become their beauticians and resort to such measures, leaving them pored and hurting. Haha!

Cuddling and Pee

Cuddling is the best part of being in a relationship.

And that is why girls don’t smile

When you have a round face and your cheeks blow up to maximum when you pass even the slightest smile. Yeah, been there.

A belly full of pizza is a wonderful start

Imagining a future together, you just can’t let go of the goofiness inside. Here’s to growing up with your favorite person forever.

PDA is real

May we never shy away from expressing our love out loud, now and ever. For love is the best thing that can ever happen to all of us.

Curling your hair is a nightmare

But we will never give up. Let’s get our chin up, ladies and embrace the beauty of our curly extracts of magic.

Expectations vs. Reality

Forever expectation vs. reality scenario. Let’s hope we can become a more accepting and loving society, at least now.

Everyday struggle

Detangling your hair is a mess and one of the many things about adulthood that no one else prepared us for.

When the fear overpowers

The fear is real. It is passed down to us by generations of shaming and judgment. Best we can do is to push past it.

Food > Everything

The way jeans are made is so cruel to women’s bodies. The skinny tights are here to make us feel uncomfortable. We can all decide to let them go.

The struggle with the jeans is real

That is why the best jeans are the ‘boyfriend jeans’. Fits right and you can actually eat all you want without pushing through the belt.

Red lipstick is a risky game, always

Thank god for all makeup tutorials on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. We are saved by it every single day.

Hell yeah, let’s burst that mic out

It’s only when your favorite jams play and you go from a shy nobody to an unstoppable diva. That’s when the real singer comes out.

Bang bang, all over you

It banging town baby, and it is here to slay. The story of literally every girl on the planet. Cut the bangs, and later regret it.

Autumn fun

A beautiful ode to the extremely memorable autumn. A season of fun, hot chocolate, cold creams, and lovely knitted sweaters.

How to make him remember your anniversary

The struggle is real, but hey, if you really care about them, you won’t have a problem remembering the little details, right?

The answer I wanna give them all

Fries are love. But you must keep your health in mind as well. If you keep it in balance, you are good to go.

Hair and its care

Haha! It certainly hits home. From daily heating, our hair is a mess. It’s time we start embracing our wildness.

Happens, certainly

This has to be the most relatable ever. Going for a no-makeup look is a gamble we women don’t always win.

The pimple saga

Happens to the best of us. Man, we really go town on our pimples, don’t we? This is one way to actually give us some damning harm.


I guess almost every girl who puts mascara can relate to this. It’s one hell of a universal feeling.

What am I even doing?

Ask any girl, and she’d tell you the story about that horrifying day when she lost most of her hair to hair straightener.

I can’t go to the gym for this reason

Why do you skip the gym?

The best feeling ever

A moment of bliss.

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