Artist’s 30 illustrations Describe What Inanimate Objects Would Say If They Could Talk

Ever imagined how non living things would feel as if they alive and have feeling and emotions to react? Imagine what your earphones say if they could talk? Or perhaps your doorknob is talking? Fortunately, the above mentioned situations are not possible but people are full of creativity. A creative artist on Instagram makes this imagination come to life. The collection of “The Daily Dunc” is remarkable because it generally have everyday objects, especially inanimate are talking with each other. His comics are interesting and funny too as his aim is to put a smile on someone’s face.

Dylan have 49.9k followers on Instagram as he wants to show his audience that what it would be like when non living things could talk and share their thoughts and undoubtedly he is hitting the nail on the head real good. His hardwork put smile on people’s face and helping others to forget their street or anxiety that they might be going through.

We have collected his newest yet funniest illustrations to cheer you up. Scroll down and check it out by yourself.

Source:- Instagram

#1 Opps!!! It can’t speak

#2 What he is up to?

#3 It’s ‘knot’ well

#4 Gingerbread decorating day

#5 Lack of space