20 Times This Artist Illustrated What It’s Like to Be Married

Alina Tysoe aka “Beanie” is a Comic artist and animator and according to her Instagram bio a puppy appreciator. She has a captivating way of portraying mundane life hilariously through her illustrations.

Alina has been drawing since 2019 and her webcomics are viewed by 1.5 million people every week all because of the simplicity and the relatability of the content.
Her art captures acutely relatable topics like childhood, family, awkward moments in life, and the innocence of a relationship. Her exceptional love for animals can be seen in delightful illustrations series of puppies and cats.

Artist draws autobiographical comics, as well as picture books, fantasy comics, and amazing silly animations, her webcomics “What’s Up, Beanie?” are based on every phase of her life from when she was a kid to the things she has done in her teenage to her present relationships, she believes it is her way of storytelling.
She has a series of wholesome cute couple goals with adorable small moments she encounters during her relationship. People bond so much with her takes on her life.

Being asked repeatedly about her relationship, in a post Beanie stated – “I was very determined to focus on my studies and it didn’t go as planned. Being extreme I proceeded to crush on him from afar and then he asked me out on a date”.
Here are some amazing illustrations which will put you in a happy mood with #relationshipgoals.


#1 Soft!!


#2 Green milkshake

#3 Simps

#4 Food Love

#5 Favorite shows

#6 Cozy Burrito

#7 Confusions

#8 Morning Bird vs. Night Owl

#9 There is no end

#10 Never miss the reveal

#11 Horror wiki

#12 Balcony Snowman

#13 Sitting Together

#14 Crinkle

#15 We’ll be Fiiinne!!

#16 Single sock drawer

#17 Bug bites

#18 No trash

#19 New Fridge

#20 Don’t Judge