If You Really Think About It, This Excellent Fan Theory Makes ‘Finding Nemo’ A Thousand Times Sadder

Finding Nemo came out more than 13 years ago but it has been around and people still like to talk about it. 

        If we had to tell someone who has never seen Finding Nemo what the movie is, it pretty easy to explain. It is about an overprotective dad Marlin whose son Nemo once gets kidnapped and he goes on a journey to find him.

But what if I tell you there is a fan theory that makes it a lot sadder than it actually is. So, this theory says what if Nemo does not even exist and the whole movie is about Marlin coming to terms with this accident at the beginning of the movie he blames himself.

Maybe he working his way through the five stages of grief

#1 Denial

So, when Marlin comes home to all the chaos that has happened he enters the first stage of grief: denial. He does not want to face what just happened to his family and invents Nemo as his coping mechanism.

#2 Anger

When Nemo grows up Marlin becomes overprotective and tries to control everything Nemo does just to protect him from an unknown danger. This results in a fight between them and Nemo is kidnapped just after that. 

#3 Bargaining

When marlin goes on a journey to get Nemo back he meets Dory. Dory teaches him to live in the moment short term memory may be a metaphor for learning to forget the past.

In the journey, he meets many characters like a shark who teaches him that not everything is what it seems and turtles teach him to go with the flow. 

#4 Despair

When marlin finally reaches the dentist’s surgery he witnesses the possibility of his son being flushed down the toilet.

#5 Acceptance

In the end, Marlin is reunited with Nemo and Marlin has finally come to terms with his grief.