If Disney Princesses Were Moms

Today we will be talking about the life of Disney princesses if they were moms illustrated by Chabe Escalante.

#1 Snow White

Snow White has a son in his pre-teens who like to sit around the couch all day. It makes her furious because she has always been a hard worker. She complains to him that she never had it easy in her life when she was his age.

#2 Pocahontas

 Pocahontas as always is a leader of her daughter’s girl scout and takes them on adventures and hikes to see nature. Although she does not like the part where she also has to sell cookies for them.

#3 Ariel

Ariel has a girl in her teens and has very strict rules for her. She is a constant augment with her husband about how much freedom their daughter should get. 

#4 Cinderella

Cinderella can only be defined as the best textbook mom. She makes clothes for her children’s bakes and goes to all of their games. She even gets brownie points for being an environmentalist and using eco-friendly methods around the house.

#5 Jasmine

Jasmine is still as she was before strong independent and fierce. She teaches her daughter to be the same and never tolerate any injustice towards her.

#6 Belle

Belle decided to be a homeschooler and found it the hard way that it is a lot easier to teach a beat than a child. She dedicates her time to homeschooling her only daughter and wants her to get the success in her life that she could not get.

#7 Tiana

Tiana is still famous for her beignets and one of her fans is her own daughter. She likes to eat nothing but beignets. This has started to create problems for Tiana as she is desperately trying to make healthy beignets by hiding veggies in them.