If Ariel Lived in Different Ocean Environments This Is What She Would Look Like

We all know that Ariel lived in a society of merpeople in Atlantica. Have you ever thought about what ariel would be like if she had evolved and lived someplace other than Atlantica?

Well, Joseph Shaw, associate professor at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and his young daughter Emma have got all the answers we need.

#1 Coral Reef Ariel would be tiny and amazingly colorful!

According to Shaw mermaids in coral reefs would be most attractive with beautiful color patterns, frills, and colors. They would also be tiny so they could hide in various corals to hide from predators.

#2 Open Ocean Ariel would be sleek and would always travel in a group.

To live in the open waters mermaids have to be fast as they have a lot of the ground to cover. They would travel in large groups and would be social with great communication skills.

Their colors would be sleek and be a bit darker as it would make predators see them.

#3 Arctic Ariel would be blubbery and pale, like a beluga whale.

According to Shaw to survive in the arctic mermaids would be fatter and slowest as the metabolism would be very slow because of the cold.

They would be so pale which will help them blend better with the floating icebergs in case a predator is around. They would develop anti-freeze genes to help them warm in the freezing waters.

#4 Deep Sea Ariel would be from your worst nightmares.

In the deep ocean, the merpeople would evolve long appendages to enhance the sense of touch. Because there would be a lack of light some might even acquire bioluminescence to attract potential mates or lure unsuspecting meals. They would also develop choppers because of the scarcity of food in the deep sea