Girls Sent ‘I Want A Baby’ Text To Their Guys And Got Trolled In Replies

Imagine, you’re at home and enjoying your weekend. Soft music playing in the background, you feel that you’ve found peace in your life. And then like a cherry on the cake, you notice a buzz on your phone and you smile because it’s your sweetheart.

You ask her with all the love in your heart “Hey baby, what’s up?” and she says “I want a baby!” No reason and no explanations, she wants to have a baby with you!

Well, a bunch of girls decided to do the same with their boyfriends but got trolled in responses. We’ve compiled the best of it here for you.

Take a look!

#1 I like this guy’s reply!

#2 He made a good point though

#3 That’s cute AF!

#4 Forget everything, at lease he is honest

#5 I’m ready to do it (Call me)

#6 I want to know what happened to LET ME IN

#7 And those were his last words in this relationship

#8 That’s one way to get a baby, baby

#9 Reminds me of Steve Jobs

#10 That’s savage!

#11 Priorities man, priorities

#12 And this one from a best friend

#13 Sounds exactly the way any husband would say it

#14 That’s cruel, comparing dog to a human baby!

#15 He understands her

#16 It’s so cute, literally gave me relationship goal!

#17 “But the nuggets” IMFAO!

#18 518 unread messages?

#19 I guess she’s Joey’s girlfriend

#20 She might have gotten a panic attack after reading that

#21 When your guy is practical about things

#22 100%, I love dog babies

#23 Now that’s a perfect response

#24 He knows from where that’s coming

#25 Boyfriend on duty, reporting yes m’am!

#26 My personal favorite conversation

#27 Yeah, a small furry whiskered baby

#28 She realized the truth instantly

#29 Hangout with me instead

#30 And she picked Ferrari over baby

Images source: Twitter