Hysterical Disney Face Swaps That Are Kind Of Disturbing At The Same Time

Be it at Disney or anywhere else but we agree that any face swap can turn out to be pretty creepy and it becomes even more awkward when the face is not in its proper place. The artist says that all of the swapping friends’ faces they done is really weird, but it’s not as weird as the face swaps in Disney movies because the facial features in those movie animations are so exaggerated and some people feel it’s a challenge to even see them. These faces aren’t realistic and swapping them out can lead to some straight-up Disney nightmares. Disney isn’t usually associated with nightmares in film. That’s why seeing any Disney character that you are uncomfortable with is a big deal for you, no matter how hilarious they are. We believe that if you are a die-hard Disney fan then you will love these face swaps and you will be able to watch them with more joy. It can give you happiness for at least a moment. But we also have to think about how it affects other Disney fans and whether all the fans enjoy it or not.