Artist Creates Humorous Comics That Retail Workers And Regular People Will Probably Relate To (30 New Pics)

We would like to introduce a great artist Stephen aka “stbeals”.He features the daily life of retail workers. This pandemic has been hard on everyone. But some people need recognition here, we are talking about the retail employees. From small-talk conversations, dreadful hard work to all of the other entitled people who refuse to wear a mask. They deal with every awful situation and ignorant customer with a smile on their faces.

Stephen has a degree in animation, but print and graphic art are what he is most passionate about. These comics are the byproduct of letting some steam off after work.
He titled it “Adult Children” because adulthood is a myth we tell children to get them to behave. Sometimes if it does work and a child masters the art of pretending to be responsible. They become influential in the society like politicians, diplomats, or potentially both.
During Covid, he had to work. Which gave him a lot to steam off with the comics. He never lost any opportunity to seek content from his life.

Everything that he experienced in his day in the retail business he puts into the comics.

Artist has divided his characters into four parts. He has given them different personalities based on him. The first character Harvey (named after Stephen’s grandfather) is presented as himself. The second is Berle who is his complete ID and the third one is Penny. Penny is his small sliver of responsibility.
Last but not least is Claremont. According to Stephen, Claremont is the best one of his personalities and why wouldn’t it be, after all, he is a dog. He feels he will never be as good as his dog and Claremont always deserves a treat.
Scroll down and enjoy illustrations from “Adult Children”.