20 Illustrations That Perfectly Draw Human’s Addiction To Modern Technology

As the Internet has come, it has completely changed human life.  Super slim televisions and mobile phones are now in vogue and everyone has them and undoubtedly this modernization has had a great impact on people’s lives and has made their lives easier. Instruments that used to be large and very slow also evolved and are now faster.

But the side effect of this modern technology is changing relationships and distance from people. All these electric devices are spoiling our health as well as our relationships. Smart TV and video games have now become a new and great option for people.

Of course, we agree that if you were born after the development of the internet and smartphone, then the things we have said above should not make any difference to you. We have displayed some pictures below which expose modern technologies like addiction towards mankind.

#1 The Smartphone Injection

#2 Modern Technology And Breached Privacy

#3 Likes Addiction

#4 Parenting

#5 Family Dining

#6 The Technology Swing

#7 Carry The Cross Alone

#8 Can You Spot Yourself?

#9 The Hungry Pikachu

#10 Alone But Together

#11 Media Depression Remains Inevitable

#12 Shall The Dance Begin?

#13 It’s The Season! Time For Tedious Work

#14 Modern Technology At Its Peak

#15 Social Media Activated

#16 Life Is More Fun Than The Likes

#17 Choices At Your Discretion

#18 Technology Zombies

#19 Parenting And Technology

#20 Choked