This Artist Creates Horror-Style Comics With Creepy Endings (30 New Pics)

Whether we’re inexplicably scared or at all adrenaline-filled, horror takes hold of many of our imaginations and doesn’t want to be let go. So,  Taiwanese artist Ben Chen creates terrifying horror comic stories with surprising comic twists that captivate the hearts of cartoon fans and horror lovers.

Well, so what really stands out about Ben’s comics is the ending—I’ll admit, I was surprised by every single one of them. The artist, so who posts frequently to his 4.5K Flickr followers, describes his style as “dark, witty and full of imagination.”

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Before moving on to comics, Ben created several other illustrations. Even though they still encapsulated some darkness, these images were lighter than those in horror genre comics. The artist has created several T-shirt illustrations that became so popular on Threadless.



Whether he’s making a caricature or working on an illustration, Ben needs some time to understand the idea he wants to convey to the world. He also does some sketches and scribbles before getting down to business and starts drawing realistically.

So, Ben shared that it usually takes him 2 to 3 days to finish an illustration and 4 to 5 days to make a comic. well, so he does not include the time he works on refining the idea and what elements should be in the final pieces.

He is a big fan of movies and illustration books, he love them so much saying that his brain “never stops racing,” and he enjoys how his imagination lets him make something out of nothing.



Ben apprises so many new artists to “build up the character” of what they are bringing and use themselves for revelation and inspiration. According to her, art is also an excellent way to acquire more about yourself. ”

His art was inspired by so many things around him and my own experiences. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the little things around us,” the painter explains the importance of direct experience for finding inspiration and for creativity.