Horror As Children’s Ride Collapses Leaving Parents Helplessly Watching On

The incident occurred on the Fruit Flying Chair ride, Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, China on 27 July.

All kids were immediately rushed into hospital as they required hospital treatment. One of them had to be monitored by doctors as they were so shocked at what had happened.

Footage shows the swing ride turning as it was designed with riders riding in seats attached by long chains or cables.

The ride’s main body suddenly collapsed. While others watched all this in terror, the riders yell in terror as they crash to the ground.

Parents and other bystanders are seen pulling riders out of the wreckage as it crashes. One clip shows adults picking through debris to find injured children.

In an effort to rescue any other riders stranded on the ride, others tried to lift it and return it to upright position.

The incident took place on the Fruit Flying Chair ride in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, China. Credit: Asia Wire

Officials claim that 18 passengers were transported to Liuba County Hospital.

One adult suffered fractures to the left side humerus (the bone between the shoulder blade and elbow) and ribs. He was transferred immediately to Hanzhong Central Hospital to receive urgent treatment.

Remaining 16 were released from hospital that night. One adult was still under medical observation as shock.

14 children and three adults survived unscathed.

According to reports, local authorities have now opened an investigation into this incident. The footage circulated online and was received with shock.

18 people who had been on the ride were taken to Liuba County Hospital. Credit: Asia Wire

A witness of the whole incident stated, “I was really scared. The children were not in any major trouble, thankfully. How can this safety be guaranteed? Are quality issues or other factors responsible? Do a thorough investigation!”

Another writer wrote that “An adult was scared so much that he had to be admitted for observation. The children returned home and were able to return to their homes. The adult is too fragile or the children are too strong.”