Horrific Story Of World’s Youngest Mother Who Gave Birth Aged Five Years Old

In 1939 Lina Medina made history as she became the youngest confirmed mother on record. She gave birth to a baby boy by cesarean section when she was just five years old. 

The reason is believed for this unusual pregnency of this young girl from Peru to be possible due to early puberty. 

When young Lina complained of stomach pain her parents believed it to be an abdominal tumor. Once taken to the hospital the doctors told the parents that the swelling was a pregnency. The pregnancy was already 7 months long when the doctors and Lina’s parents got to know about it. 

On 14th May of the same year, a boy was delivered by cesarean section, as Lina’s young and underdeveloped body was not able to take it any other way. The boy was named after Dr. Gerado Lozada, the chief physician of the hospital in Pisco where the pregnancy was discovered. 

This news took everyone by a shock. The doctors treating Lina called the police and they immediately arrested the father. After a week when the investigation did not move forward, they let go of Lina’s father as lack of evidence. The police still looked around for evidence and suspects for several more days but reached a dead end.

 With no further evidence, nor leads, the authorities dropped the case.

According to some articles, this could be the case with some “Religious festivals” common in many remote villages in Peru. These included group sex or even rape which did include minors or children of such young ages as Lina. In an article about the case from 1955, the author Luis Leon it is believed that she was raped at one of these strange and sick festivals.

Later Lina’s mother accepted that Lina started her period when she was just 3 years old. Lina suffered from a condition known as precocious puberty, which means her sexual organs would develop at a very young age, Glands that secrete growth and sex hormones begin to function abnormally early in life resulting in this condition. The exact cause of this condition is still unknown.

The baby was a miracle as the doctors thought because Lisa’s body was underdeveloped to provide the necessary nutrition to the baby, he will have several health-related issues. But, to everyone’s surprise, the baby was born healthy at a weight of 2.7 kilograms and surprisingly he was born on mother’s day 14th of May, 1939.

Lina’s parents tried giving her daughter and grandchild a normal childhood. Even with all the fame surrounding Lisa’s parents, they take any financial gain or fame out of it. They raised both their daughter and grandson with care and a normal childhood. 

Lina is 87 now and as of 2004, she was believed to reside with her husband in the ‘Little Chicago’ district of Lima, Peru.