Hilarious Pics From Paris Fashion Week. Have Designer Gone Insane

Fashion shows are fun and involve a lot of hardwork in portraying the talent of the designers but they do involve a lot of fun moments where designers have gone crazy to an extent.

Believe it or not, but this is an actual fashion collection by designer Rick Owens which debuted in “Paris Fashion Week”.

From London, New York, and Milan, the Paris Fashion Week remains the industry’s homestretch concluding a month-long run of huge shows and globetrotting.

Of course, Paris is known for its Glamour and if there was an embracing theme for this fashion collection by American designer Rick Owens.

On the other hand, what if the wearer was once to drop one within the face of its model, does she have to still stick put? Or what if the model cuts a fart? Do you gently throw her to the bottom and get a new piece handkerchief to cover the nose? Totally insane…

If you really want to look these hilarious yet insane fashion collection so, keep scrolling.