11 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings

Comics are something that can lighten your mood anytime and at any moment. But finding the best one for the moment is something that can be said to be a bit difficult. And the famous artist Mesut Kaya knows this fact. He always tries to make everyone laugh with his brutally hilarious comics that have unexpected but amazing endings. His work is a mixture of harmless light and dark humor that makes viewers happy and amazed. Kaya believes that a sense of humor is much better if it is unusual and unexpected. Following this, he frequently shares his work with his fans. 

Here we have compiled some of his newest work that will definitely make you laugh and enjoy. You can support him on his official YouTube channel or you can also follow him on Instagram to see all his latest illustrations. 

#1 What?

#2 Okay , I lied!!

#3 Sometimes it hurts…!!

#4 Meat- Free Day!!

#5 Mommy Look Its A Whale!!

#6 Would You Like To Dance??

#7 You Two Are Perfect!!

#8 No More Sugar!

#9 Its A Perfect Design!!

#10 True (Turu) Love (Lob)!!


Let us know if we have missed something more interesting.