Artist Illustrates 10+ Hilarious Comics With Foolish Yet Dark Endings

Many of us can’t remember the earlier time when we don’t have anything to perform online but a big thanks to this whole new world who tremendously changed everyone’s life. More people can share their creativity and unique artwork online and it has risen in a blast of amusing webcomics. With the numerous, Things in Squares, which features a recurring character ‘Rupert’, have frequently made an effect since 2013. Artist Cale is the creator of ‘Things in Squares’, he illustrated with dark -in- cheek humor and his artworks are fascinatingly funny letters and tales.

Artist Cale shows funny everyday real- life struggles that each one of us suffer among daily activities into comic strips and they are so relatable. Things in Squares comics will leave you stitches after a glance as it has 325k followers on Instagram.

Source- Instagram

#1 They can be together but…

#2 It’s not Shark

#3 Yawning did something wrong

#4 Please give me a Bite

#5 I’ll protect you