30 Hilarious Comics Illustrated By An Artist With Unexpected Dark Endings

Marko Raassina of Finland illustrated webcomic series Nerd and Jock. This series is on two friends, having a good time together. Nevertheless their choices and interests are different. His 312k followers are the proof of his talent. Only his mind’s awkward thinking makes everything appear he illustrates.

Marko is known for his award- winning comic book, kalevala, based on a Finnish national epic of his homeland’s same name and my Girlfriend is an Orc Warlord on Webtoon.

His comics are cheerful, contain a great sense of humor. We have collected his newest illustrations which will cheer you up. Have a look!!!

Source- Instagram


Marko started wholesome webcomics at the beginning and he also have another series called Grumpy which is kind of similar to Nerd and Jock.


With Nerd and Jock, he has put together funny comics that play on the nerd vs jock storyline but have a positive, heartwarming plot twist that shows just how easy it is to brush aside the lazy categorization of people. In his own country, Finland, he is better known as the artist behind comics based on the Finnish national epic, Kalevala. “Finnish people’s taste in cartoon drawings tend to be a little darker or more twisted humor,” he told.


So the move towards wholesome, cute comics such as Nerd and Jock is a different direction for him. Are there any plans for a series or even a book based on Nerd and Jock? “Absolutely!”
“Nerd and Jock will become a series when I get more comics done, and a Book is not out of the question either. Also, I have been planning on launching my own website, where I will post my hilarious comics. Right now, I’m posting them on Tumblr and Twitter.”