30 Hilarious Comics for Those Who Love a Dark Sense of Humor by Very Cereals

These comics are very much wondered if you want to take a break from your daily work. They are useful to change your mood. Hilarious comics are written by the very famous writer named Mohamed El mayati. The most famous book of his is “veriserials”. These comics are colorful. Comics are very much funny which would be bringing a smile to your face.

Mohammad comics are interesting and funny and are full of turns and twists. He is having more than 13.5 k followers on Instagram. His comics are going in demand daily and have 3 – 4 panels. If you are very much tired from the daily routine then you must read these comics it will give you a chance. These comics are creating too much humor. These comics are very much related to the daily problems which a person faces.

#1 a poor person

#2 don’t make noise

#3 flying because of happiness

#4 I am out of that

#5 future planning

#6 a lesser amount

#7 a person’s justice

#8 modern technology for testing

#9 motivational thought

#10 what a lucky day?

#11 to figure out the problem

#12 to make pots

#13 it’s a part of the process

#14 the wind blows

#15 one of the banana peels

#16 the original character

#17 too much shampoo

#18 checkmate

#19 message send through birds

#20 persecuting someone

#21 maths problems remained unsolved

#22 a new thought on planning

#23 the replaced chair