25 Hilarious Comics By Ryan Kramer With Dark Endings

In life we enjoy jokes, comedies and face some dark tones too. Although, our life is full of twists but how can you enjoy life if you don’t laugh at the irony of it once in a while? Ryan Kramer and his friends can undoubtedly agree as they see how his comics are always hilarious in adult’s sense.

Artist Ryan Kramer born in Glendora. He spends a lot of time drawing comics with hilarious twists. Artist giving us insights into our present world and shares his amazing content weekly and giving the dose of laughter to his audience.

ToonHole is a group of four people who work together to make funny comics since 2010. Together with his buddies Chris, John and Mike, Ryan posts incredible content. He has over 98.6k followers on Instagram. Ryan Kramer also works as Warner Bros.as Looney Tunes director.

We have collected the best of the talented cartoonist works. Scroll down and check it out.

Source- Instagram

#1 Survey

#2 Happy Meal

Ryan, the author of Don’t Leave Me Hanging, is undeniably filled with gag comics, offering a hilariously unusual way of viewing our world. Adding comedic and creative talents, Artist Ryan pokes fun at some of our societal big falls, and they’re downright relatable.

#3 Fortune Teller

#4 Silence


#5 Kill Me

#6 Decorations

#7 Raising a child

#8 We must all strive to find some common ground

#9 Happy Batsman Day

#10 Make a wish

#11 Let go

#12 Science Nerd