This Artist’s 30 Hilarious Comics Are Breaking The Internet

We’ve been heard more than a trillion times that each person is different from the other. So, you will never see two humans who are exactly the same. not even doppelgangers. Yes, we are not talking about the features. We are talking about the likes, dislikes and hobbies, and styles. So, it won’t hurt anyone if we remind you that every single person on this planet is DIFFERENT.

So, It’s not anybody’s fault, things are not always as we expect. And it’s simply wrong to blame yourself for that because you can’t control everything. Therefore, it’s important to learn to accept that wavy hair doesn’t look nice on everyone that walks the earth. This misunderstanding that all girls must be so perfect, is nothing but bullshit. Specially, we girls believe in this so much that everything that looks good on others will work out for us too. So, we settle for a toxic loop of self-destruction.


1. I'm sure most people relate to this.

via: CassandraComics

So, it’s like We indirectly pressurize ourselves to match the expectations, and we fear to face reality. Sure, Kathrine looks great with curly hair and stuff. But that doesn’t mean that it will look great on you too. So, no it is not the time to offend yourself. It’s time to crush your expectations and face reality. Yeah, I’m not saying that go and give up and curl up on edge because we know it will make you more delusional.

I mean is, it’s time that we should accept and embrace our genuine prettiness. And we should magnify it rather than follow stupid trends or people. So, just don’t do it if it doesn’t suit you. And we have a great example of that.

Here, so meet an artist and a girl who loves to smash expectations. Cassandra Calin, an artist who giggles at some of the things that we girls have faced. So, Calin’s artwork is one of the real things you’ll see. And, the internet loves it, and I’m sure you’ll love her too. Yes, so she has more than 2.4 million followers on her Instagram and countless more on her other channels. So, we’ve compiled her 30 best expectations vs. reality series on girl’s life.



2. One of them is me.


3. This is my story every single time.


4. Yep. True story.


5. Thank you for the nightmare.


6. Yep, true story, again.


7. Bwahahaa. Women are complicated.


8. Exactly. Don't trust everything you see online.


9. Uh oh. This is my story.


10. Good riddance.


11. It's never symmetrical.


12. When this happens, everything hits the roof.


13. I'm sure you relate, too.


14. Exactly.


15. Uh. Me again.


16. Aww... Love yourself.


17. Same story.


18. Oh. That's a difficult choice to make.


19. Yep. Dishes always seem to pile up.


20. Yep. We've learned to deal with it.


21. It takes one step to start a journey...


22. Technically we do get up... from our side of the bed.


23. Okay, that's a fridge I'd want too.


24. Well, as long as you're comfortable.


25. Oh, truly perfect. I want a pair too.


26. LOL. This had me cracking up.


27. Step #4 never seems to work out.


28. Umm. No comment.


29. Every girl's story. Trust me.


30. Well, at least you tried.

20. Yep. We've learned to deal with it.