30 Hilarious Comics About Daily Life Situations With A Dark Twist

Adding the aforesaid humor to his comics, Illustrator MadeByTio, via a four-panel style, covers a wide range of controversial issues, and indeed apparent truth exists in them.

4 panels are enough to express an idea. Content is healthy with a mix of ordinary and extraordinary and the simplicity of this format doesn’t mean the situations are simple.

From lobsters boiling people for supper to a 29-year-old addicted to old toys. Either way, they are direct, borderline offensive, and most importantly, funny. So we’ve compiled MadyByTio’s newest for you. Have a look!!!

Source:- Instagram


Humor is defined as enchanting and isn’t consistent with intense anger or violence. It tends to communicate with moral wrath in a simple way that everyone can easily relate to. While many people are uttering that our society is getting better with time, the reality lingers as many people are still starving and uneducated. Today’s world is filled with anguish and injustice, and these illustrations show the absurdity we often overlook.


“Thanks to my older brothers who are way more talented than I am, I have been drawing and sketching my entire life.

“I started to create webcomics in December 2016, when I was addicted to Imgur and really enjoyed various webcomic artists.”


“I loved and still love the idea that you can express so much with four little panels, that you can make people think about different topics, or simply bring smiles to their faces,” the artist explained. “I bought the cheapest graphic tablet I could find and just started drawing.”


“One day, I created a Facebook page and an Instagram account and started publishing my comics on them. That was the beginning,” they said.