30 Hilarious And Slightly Inappropriate Comics From ‘Fruit Gone Bad’

Have you ever imagined what would happen if fruits and veggies could talk? Artist NY Cartoonist titled his comic strip ‘Fruit Gone Bad’, he uses fruits and veggies as main characters but then you will also fine bread, nuts, pizza, different kinds of foods and even inanimate objects going about their everyday lives and being caught up in relationships and social interactions.

Although, Fruit Gone Bad comic strips are inspired by today’s world problems. From partying, parenting to dating problems, from a pumpkin returning home ‘smashed’ again or a peach getting waxed to the intimate bedroom affairs of potatoes and cheating bread, the artist’s style is colorful and adorable but these innocent-looking foods appear to have specifically corrupted minds.

Artist has 82.2k followers on Instagram and artist’s comics are full of dark humor, if you love these types of comics then his comics will definitely cheer you up. Check it out below.

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NY Cartoonist do creative things with fruits and veggies which are completely different from our thinking.


In fact, it’s fair to say that the edible characters and inanimate objects from “Fruit Gone Bad” are inspired by what is happening in the real world. It seems that these fruits and veggies have learned a lot from people while chilling in the fridge and have adapted their behavioral patterns, from dating, relationship problems, work, and partying to parenting and intimate life. The art style is colorful and cute; however, these innocent-looking foods seem to have particularly dirty minds.


This comic series is on inappropriate dark humor. Usually, single-panel comics are so packed with clever puns and brilliant dad jokes you will probably want to call your dad after. This post should probably have a disclaimer that only people with a twisted sense of humor will be able to vibe with the illustrations the artist puts out and truly appreciate it.