30 Hilarious And Dark Twisted Comics By Zach Cranor

Zach Cranor is the creator of “Last Place Comics”. And described on Instagram that Zach’s comics trend towards the silly, absurd and on things that hardly go well. He often spending more time in each strip to paint a bizarre vignette rather than tell a single joke. Zach’s comics are hilarious and filled with dark ending in which either a person is crying, nervously sweating and shrieking- anyways they are not in a depressing manner.

From bouncy castle to attack on breadsticks, from corona face to a couple of overtime, his newest yet hilarious illustrates guaranteed relieve you from your stress while cheer up your mood.

Zach Cranor has 15.8k followers on Instagram, it shows how much his fans love his artwork. Over a hundred comics illustrated and shared on his website, and all the social links have constantly gained amazing likes and reactions.

We have collected his latest artwork which will relieve your stress. As he is downright a professional at what he does, if his latest artwork does the same so, it will not shock anyone of us.

Scroll down and check out his creativity which will undoubtedly make you laugh.

Source:- Zach Cranor

#1 Corona Face

#2 Castle Bouncy

#3 Couples Over Time

#4 Attack On Breadsticks

#5 Burn – Bot