30 Hilarious And Dark Twisted Comics By Joseph Nowak

Joseph Nowak, a 34 years old illustrator from Canada and currently live in Berlin. Joseph creates single paneled cartoons with hilarious and dark endings that will definitely cheer you up. Nowakdraws is a webcomic that comic artist Joseph has been creating since 2013. Artist Joseph comics are an important element of surprise as you never guess what’s coming in his comics which are full of ridiculousness.

Artist has over 8k followers on Instagram. During his comic journey, artist has published two books: Mind the Scissor Thieves (2014) and Cartoon Collection (2015). From reversed comical scenarios such as a banana slipping on a human and flowers receiving a bouquet of humans to the everyday life struggles. The artist finds humor in the senseless and most random situations. Artist told that he has been drawing since childhood, but relationship with art has been Rocky.

Checkout his creations below which will guranted charge you up with a good mood.

Source:- Instagram



“I was drawing since I can remember, so probably shortly before kindergarten and onwards. My brother, who is six years older, was constantly cartooning, redrawing Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny characters and I was most likely emulating that. My talent was discovered and encouraged by my teachers, which helped develop it. There was also a span of 6-7 years after high school where I didn’t do art of any kind. My post-secondary education involved little creativity, which caused me to focus on other things. I was working a repetitive job in 2011 that didn’t require much thinking or concentration and it was there that I started coming up with single-panel cartoon scenarios. I wrote them in a small book that I kept on my work table and after accumulating a few hundred, I started drawing and submitting them to syndications. That brought me back into the practice of drawing.”



“Creating and sharing these cartoons has been a way for me to clear my mind,” Nowak said when asked what creating comics means to him. “Although I am quite quiet socially, my head is constantly abuzz with thoughts and ideas. My cartoon concepts come about in a non-sequitur kind of way so verbalizing them is often inappropriate or just not suitable. I think I have curated my ideas to appeal at a far more visual level since starting my cartoons so even when I am around others and a cartoon idea comes to me, I will jot the idea in my notebook before trying to explain the joke aloud. Mostly, the practice of drawing these cartoons has given me a nice, fairly quick exercise to keep honing my inking skills and fostering my silly outlook on life!”