Here’s What Elsa Would Look Like if She Could Control Elements Other Than Ice

Have you ever thought if Elsa had any other powers other than ice how would that change things?

Let us tell you if Elsa had different powers how will she look be.

#1 Stella – Light

Stella is a princess whose power is light manipulation. She has the ability to create light and manipulates it however she wants. She must be related to Thor right?

#2 Aqua – Water

Aqua, as the name suggests has the power to control and manipulate water. She can control any body of water on the earth which is quite cool actually. Her powers are pretty dangerous and can cause great harm if she is angry.

#3 Phoenix – Fire

Phoenix and are quite opposite and there is a large possibility that she won’t get along with not Elsa or aqua for obvious reasons. As she would always be melting away Elsa’s hard work. She has the ability to control fire and can be quite feisty.

#4 Flora – Earth

Flora is the calmest of them all as she is the master of controlling the earth. She is pretty patient but if got angry for some reason there will be a disaster waiting. So try not to piss her off as she is undoubtedly the deadliest of them all.

#5 Free – Air

Free is the most chill of them all (Pun intended). She flows carefree like air which is her power too. She is pretty relaxed most of the time and does not lose her patience easily. Free controls the wind and uses it to her will. 


These all will make such a fun group right? but sadly these all characters do not exist. These just fan arts imagining Disney characters in different variants. Although we would love to see these characters on the big screen.