Artist illustrated 20 Funny Comics Capturing Relatable Girl Struggles

Artist Sasha Tsoy was born in Kazakhstan and is half- Ukrainian, quarter- Korean, and quarter- Kazakh. She created a webcomic series ‘Sashotso Art”. These comics are the personal visual diary of everyday life which includes hilarious and annoying situations, real life experiences, struggles of being a female, relationship perks.

Artist introduced her artwork three years ago, along with it she shared her exciting life story leading to creating comics in three languages- English, Russian and Spanish- to reach as many people as possible and prove that we all have common struggles.

She told she get inspired by everyday struggles that happen to her and her friends, the later of which she realized that many people around the world have similar experiences.

Source:- Instagram


She says she has been drawing for as long as she can remember but only  started posting comics back in 2018. Because of her incredible artwork she has 80.8k followers on Instagram.

She says her goal is to “help connect people, to help them laugh and recognize themselves.”


“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but in some periods in my life I would draw more than others. I studied Media and Communications in university, so I wanted to find something to do that would encapsulate a lot of the things that I love in one. And thus, I started posting comics online in 2018.”


Artist told us about her comics and drawing style: “They are just simple light-hearted comics about different funny things or thoughts that happen to me, my friends, and seemingly many other people day-to-day. My drawing style is still an ever-evolving thing! A lot of it is inspired by anime and cartoons, but I also try to keep it looking somewhat realistic. I’m trying to do more online drawing courses to improve my art as well.”