Heiress can’t claim multi-million fortune until she does two specific things

An Australian heiress is ‘broke’ and living off welfare payments as she cannot access her fortune until she fulfils two wishes laid out in her late father’s will. 

Claire Brown, 26, is heir to a $12 million estate but she can’t touch a penny – yet – thanks to family members and trustees of her father Chris’ will. Chris died earlier this year. 

Broke Heiress Cannot Access $12 Million Fortune Until She Gets A Job (@Steve_Marshall9//Twitter)

Her cousin, Jimmy, explained the situation to A Current Affair on the 9 Now channel. He said Claire can get her hands on the money but only after she’s met the conditions of two clauses: the first is to get a job, the second is to contribute something to society. 

Members of Claire’s family have said they’re at their ‘wits end’. Credit: A Current Affair/ Twitter

While this might sound simple, Claire has said they are impossible for her to achieve as she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and high-functioning autism. 

She also claims cuts to the National Insurance Disability Scheme have hampered her efforts to complete the clause challenges. 

As a result, she has asked her family to drop the demands she meet the clauses, saying that, while she understands why they want her to get a job and contribute to society, her diagnoses mean she cannot. 

Claire’s wife, Lauren, agrees, saying Claire would even forget to feed the cats if she were not there. 

Claire is planning to go to court to contest the will, saying she is suffering due to the clauses. However, her family say that her reasons for not getting a job are just excuses, adding that they love her, but are at their wit’s end with her.