Heartbreaking Moment Sheriff Had To Be Held Back As 10-Year-Old Daughter Was Killed In Uvalde Shooting

Footage from security cameras in the Uvalde school has emerged that shows the tragic moment where a sheriff’s deputy realises his daughter has been caught up in the shooting.

The mass shooting event at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde in Texas saw 19 children and two teachers murdered by a lone shooter.

Now a video, released by KVUE, has captured what happened inside the school in the lead up to police officers storming the classroom where the shooter was holed up. The 77-minute recording, does not show any of the children involved, but does capture the moment Felix Rubio, a sheriff’s deputy in Uvalde County, realised his 10-year-old daughter, Alexandra, was involved. Felix is seen being held back by his colleagues and comforted as his puts his hand to his mouth in horror.

Felix had been off duty that day, but as soon as he heard about the shooting at the school, he rushed to be with his police colleagues.

The father had to be held back by colleagues during the shooting. Credit: KVUE

Felix, along with his wife, Kimberly Mata-Rubio, have been at the hearing into the event. Felix recounted his experiences on the day, saying that once he saw the shooter open fire “my heart dropped.”

He added that he found it hard to be so close to his daughter, but not be able to go into the classroom and get her.

Credit: KVUE

The police who were at the school have accepted that wrong decisions were made – including not storming classrooms sooner than they did – it took 40 minutes for the police to storm the classroom after they arrived at the school.

Teacher Arnulfo Reyes branded officers as “cowards” for not acting sooner.