Self-dependent Modern Woman illustrates Hard-Hitting Comics On Her Observations About Society

Being a self-independent lady, I like to see the content designed by females to empower other females. And there is a self-dependent lady who is also a talented artist, creates very engaging and relatable content.

Meet Lainey Molnar, a gifted artist who designs content about self-recognition and self-love, parenting, fighting social norms, and exercising freedom of choice. Moreover, she creates visionary and impressive comics. Her comics illustrate how to deal with everyday issues. Also, I think that even men can relate to it nowadays.

Artist Lainey took inspiration from some great artists such as Adam Ellis, Tiny Moron, and Wowocomics. Also, these artists have very distinct tones and a very distinguishable sense of wit. But I think it is always the essence of your personality that comes down and shimmers through the art. Besides, it is not about being excellent with technical skills and details. I think it is the concept and intention that matter.

So, scroll down and check some of her fantastic artwork. Also, I hope you will love her work, and if you do, you can check out her outstanding art. So, have a look and enjoy!

For More Info: Lainey Molnar

#1 It should be Child-Free, not childless.

#2 Woman discussing side effects of Birth Control:

#3 Everyone deserves the same amount of respect

#4 Both are equally happy about achieving their milestones.

#5 Different Versions Of Happiness

#6 Every Woman Is Beautiful In General.

#7 Women are strongest.

#8 A sad reality of our society.

#9 People’s worth cannot be determined by numbers.

#10  Alright!!

#11 So, how does sriracha on ice cream taste?

#12  A deadly smile.

#13 The Natural Beauty.

#14  However, both demand a significant amount of effort.

#15  Everyone is ideal.

#16  Women in the fashion world.

#17  Exactly!

#18  Doesn’t everyone in this drawing looks gorgeous?

#19  Women are strong.

#20  Couldn’t agree more.

#21  And have confidence in yourself.

#22  It’s a sad fact.

#23  Hey, that’s not flaws

#24  This is quite relatable.

#25  Those deceptive advertisements.

#26  Each texture is lovely.

#27  They all are happy about it.

#28 Self-care

#29 Nobody-understands-my-aesthetic

#30  All-breast-are-perfect