30 Hilarious Halloween Comics For Extreme Fun

Halloween is getting more popular every year. Many people celebrate it in different countries. it is not related to religion but related to enjoyment and fun. It is very simple to understand that what is Halloween, children, and teenagers wear scary costumes and collect candy from the neighborhood. Quite interesting? Right. But that’s not all because neighborhoods also make their house scary and spooky. And everyone is so excited is for this event and they start preparation for it 2-3 weeks before.

Here we gathered some Halloween-themed comics from different artists. But they will not scare you, they will make you smile because they are funny. Scroll to the end to enjoy all these comics.

1. Death has its own exceptions


2. And they can’t even laundry it


3. Harley Quinn is a new scary


4. They will never forget this Halloween


5. They are confused


6. Frustrated Grandma


7. You better hide it

8. This one are scarier

9. You better not try this


10. I’m sorry Lord Nibbles


11. What are they gonna use in the morning


12. In Parallel Universe


13. Son, are you there?



14. No, please delete it


15. Take me seriously


16. Don’t try to disturb me


17. I can feel his sadness


18. Priorities



19. Holy shit


20. That’s not scary


21. These types of neighborhoods should be banned

22. Where is the alcohol?


23. Shut up and give me candy


24. This kid is genius


25. Somewhere on cat planet


26. Why I’m like this


27. Free costume


28. I want this dragon to scare me


29. Best guide for Halloween

30. Loneliness