Grown-Up Jokes By Disney Cleverly Hidden That You Didn’t Get Until Now

Disney movies for kids have made of the most subtle, yet hilarious jokes. Children’s movies are made by adults, who understand that audience will find them fascinating. That is why; numerous animators add some adult-themed jokes to the serious storyline. If you have not seen it during your childhood days, then it is time you should look back and watch your favorite Disney characters with hilarious jokes.

Movies by Disney that are particularly made for kids include lunch boxes, cartoons, toys, and sheets that would not fit any bed. However, adults love Disney even more than children do, and you know why? It is because the adults better understand what Disney animators are doing in such awesome movies. These movies are enjoyable for kids as well as parents watching them with their children. Check out some mesmerizing moments in Disney stories where they let loose with some elusive jokes.

#1 Women desiring children

#2 Play- Kind of Oedipus thing

#3 Narcissus discovered himself

#4 TOO familiar with vegetables

#5 Where S stands for a sitter

#6 Truckstop with all convertible waitresses

#7 101 Dalmatians

#8 One with earth movement

#9 The retired man refused to help poor kids

#10 A man asking for the foot size of a girl’s friend

#11 One with his Wife

#12 One with little thing