This Artist Exquisite Digital Artwork Green Mermaid Is Touching Peoples Heart In No Time!

Let’s agree that we all love Mermaids and are strongly fascinated by them be whatever age are we at now. We always stay excited to know more about the underwater world, even if it is in a story form. And thus, today, I’m introducing you to the story of “May, the Mermaid of Lily Lake” created by Andy Ivanov, a Ukrainian based artist who with his unique illustration style has lifted the classic Mermaid tales to another level.

Just by sharing one piece of the story, Andy has won his 200,000 followers hearts who are eagerly waiting for the next episode to this emotion storytelling. His story hit the internet so well that people are demanding for an animated movie on it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out this fantastic digital artwork down here, and hey! Don’t forget to grab some tissue, you going to need it!


“Oh no!”

“Please, live… I’ll bring you a Petal of life!”

“Do you see this beast?”

“Got caught!”

“Good job, boy! We got her!”

“What have I done?… She will not survive in captivity… I must somehow help her…”

“I’ll bring you home…”

“- I’m so, so sorry… Please be free again. – Hey boy! Do not do what you want to do, or I’ll shoot you!”


“Petal of Life… I kept it in my hand, from the beginning”

“You will live, you will live…”

Are you too excited for next episode? Then don’t forget to follow Andy Ivanov.