Artist Shares The Sequel Of The Green Mermaid Story That Hit People In The Feels

The artist behind the pictures below has said that he has made a sequel to his previous story. It is a dramatic sweet love story between a mermaid and a human. It is getting a lot of love from the internet.

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Part One


“Oh no!!”

“Please, live… I’ll bring you a Petal of Life”

“Got caught!”

“Good job, boy! We got her!”

“What have I done?… She will not survive in captivity… I must somehow help her…”

“I’ll bring you home…”

“- I’m so, so sorry… Please be free again. – Hey boy! Do not do what you want to do, or I’ll shoot you!”


“Petal of Life… I kept it in my hand, from the beginning”

“You will live, you will live…”

Part Two

“Wake up… The sun rose ”

“I’m alive, but how is this possible? — Come with me, I will show you something…”

“It’s him again! We can hide in a secret place that I wanted to show you…”

“He won’t find us. We’re safe here”

“Lily is my life. I gave you part of me, the petal, and you…”

‪“Here you are! Gotcha!?”

“What is it here? It’s my precious — If he picks the flower, I’ll die…”

“DO NOT touch the…”


“‪Oh no, no… It’s all because of me…”

“I’m so so sorry… my love…”