Graphic Designer Creates Typographic City Logos Based On Their Famous Landmarks

Artist Mohammad Aljaadaby is a talented graphic designer. He is originally from Yemen. This talented artist has come up with an interesting project this time. In this project, an attempt has been made by the artist to show the typographic wordmark logos of cities. Artists try to show these typographic wordmark logos of cities in the shape of their famous monuments and landmarks. The artist aims to make people focus on themselves by doing something strange. And for this, the artist has shown it by doing it with the help of his hard work. This art of his is being discussed a lot all around and his work has also been liked by the people.

Seeing his work, many fans have been impressed by him and his work has been appreciated a lot. As an example let us tell you that the artist depicted the Opera House in the word ‘Sydney’, the logo for Sydney. Similarly, the artist has given the word ‘Athens’ in the negative space between the pillars in the logo for Athens. The artist has also taken the support of the Taj Mahal for the logo of Agra. And you will also get to see the logo of Agra in the shape of the Taj Mahal. This artwork of the artist is worthy of praise. Their priceless hard work and talent are visible in all these logos. His artwork is being praised a lot by the people.

#1 Athens

#2 Agra

#3 Amsterdam

#4 Bangkok

#5 Barcelona

#6 Beijing

#7 Beirut

#8 Berlin

#9 Baghdad

#10 Bern


#11 Cairo

#12 Caracas

#13 Damascus

#14 Dubai


#15 Giza

#16 Islamabad

#17 Istanbul

#18 Jakarta

#19 Kabul

#20 Kuala Lumpur

#21 Lima

#22 Lisbon

#23 London

#24 Mecca

#25 Moscow

#26 New York

#27 Nur Sultan


#28 Ottawa

#29 Paris

#30 Petra