20 Times Gordon Ramsay Savagely Roasted People On Twitter

A masterchef with a fiery temper, Gordon Ramsay never holds back anything. When he is not busy cooking, shooting, chilling, traveling, he amuses the world with his savage tweets and replies. Well, the truth hurts. And top that up with Ramsay’s attitude, and it’s fire. He’s witty and he never lets anything or anyone else steal the thunder. So in case you dream of or are envisioning yourself getting recognized by the world-famous chef, my friend, you’re really going to have a hard time. Getting a reply from him may not be the best thing for the starters.

I personally feel that you got to have some thick skin before tagging Ramsay in your food tweets. No wonder why he runs a show like Kitchen Nightmares. This chef knows how to cook, ROAST, toast and amuse. Presenting to you, tweets and replies where Gordon Ramsay simply slays.

Never can I have such an ugly candlelit dinner.

Gordon Ramsay has a way of roasting. You don’t believe me? Well, the game has just begun. What lies ahead might leave burn marks.

I don’t even want to say what it lookslike.

Imagine, waking up in the morning, and creating a delicacy with a heartfelt effort. Ah, sweet! And bam! Here’s Ramsay tagging it as crap. Did that hurt, honey?

That’s when sushi got ugly, and paralysed.

To be honest, I would not eat it. It literally looked like ugly sushi to me. Forget Ramsay, this man would not get through the trials of ‘decent meals for your loved ones.’

Forget food, what’s with the lingo?

Now now! I’m a grammar Nazi. And I know food is bae, but can you at least write correct English before you tag a world-famous chef? Yes, thank you.

Because food is bae. Literally.

Gordon Ramsay is known for many things, but his manners. And he proves it in such a subtle manner. I am touched. That’s some moment of glory ruined by Ramsay in the sweetest manner known to mankind.


This dish wasn’t even worth rating. I wonder what the chef of this dish was high on. Maybe Gordon got a hold it. No?

I’m never eating duck or steak again.

Can we please put it back on the grill just for a bit? I think I can still see some red in it. Actually, I think the duck died while waiting to cook by itself.

They look displaced. TBH.

The smoke alarm died in the fire, maybe. And this guy needs to sort his definition of scrambled, eggs and scrambled eggs. All three of them.

Mom, you gotta censor your cooking.

Is that food? The food HUMANS eat? No, certainly not. In fact, if someone ever tries to eat this, I’d sing “Every bite you take – I’ll be watching you.”

I am so confused, I’m on the verge of giving up.

He’s not a chef, he’s a magician… he turned it from raw veggies to chopped ones. Ah, what a delicacy I’d say. I wonder if Ramsay knows the secret recipe.

Is that food?

When I was in 2nd grade, I was better than this while making clay toys and figures. And looked edible. This, on the other hand, is neither presentable nor edible.

Is that clay?

On a scale of one to ten, I’d rate this as zero and Ramsay would simply give up. Actually, he has.

I wonder if he ever tries teaching this human to cook. And click.
Are those toys?

Those look like pebbles to me. Can’t imagine how some people can be so delusional!

Bet it tasted wonderful. I really despise Gordan Ramsay, mind. But yeah, you surely need to learn how to cut from molds.

The kid looks sorry, and I am not even surprised.

That’s one classic insult by the way. Often, I envy Gordon Ramsay for having wit with a class. Wonder if I can ever beat that.

Anyway, is this about the food I chose to overlook here? Oh, yes.

Burn. Just BURN.

The fire alarm must have cried until it blew itself. This thing looks like a road kill which later has been painted black.

And maybe the traces of the crime have been wiped out. Ramsay didn’t see that.

That’s NOT full-English.

This one just actually made me burst out laughing. From language to the food, where is perfection, my lady?

And is your boyfriend still alive? Because you just made him some core death food.

I love South-Indian food, but I am not sure of this.

That did not even look presentable to me. Despite my eternal love for South Indian cuisine. Ramsay might have to sanitize his eyes after seeing this.

He could have at least cleaned the dish.

Well, what is even that? Pot-roast? Dog-food?

This pot roast looks so depressing that even dog food looks exciting to me. No kidding. I wonder what nerves to tag a world-famous chef it might have took.

It actually looks ugly. And plain.

I’ve had naan so many times, but never have I ever had a naan that looks so boring. Boring to the death to be honest. At least it could have been a better picture.

Why did you even ask?

The poor pooch might just run away and never come back, if you keep on feeding it such tasteless, ugly and boring food. It is not even photogenic.