30 Hilarious “Good Bear” Comics That Take Dark Twisted Turns

It is not easy for everyone to understand dark humor easily. But we have also seen many people who take great pleasure in its unpredictable and quirky nature. Many people also find it difficult to understand what it takes to make hilarious and black jokes. In attempts to appeal to most of this crowd, these jokes have been found to miss the real purpose.

James is a talented artist who creatively uses the deep accident to create great comics through his talent. This artist entertains people by putting all his ideas in artwork pictures. Due to his witty expression and witty artistry, his fans are impressed by him. Artist has named their new comic Good Bear and for some time their number of followers has also reached 89.7k. The artist also displays famous characters such as IT and Batman in his artwork. We have collected some great creations of this artist for you.


#1 Home Alone: Pet Version!

#2 Look at that one llama in black.

#3 What shower purr?

#4 Real Baby Shower.

#5 This competition suckes.

#6 Oh man, that’s a tactic.

#7 This is dark!

#8 Naughty Uncle Gadget

#9 Damn it! This machine god is so smart.

#10 That was funny tho.

#11 The customer asked for “Dessert” not “Desert”.

#12 Detective Mr. Pikachu.

#13 Deep Convo!

#14 What about changing the background color.

#15 Kids, that’s called cheating.

#16 That was a bit creepy

#17 Well, we all found a perfect answer to this question.

#18 Actually, missing the memes.

#19 Ka-Me-Ha-Me

#20 Cards is not a Pug’s game

#21 Delicious Lunch on its way.

#22 Can you smell this picture?

#23 Work First!

#24 Perception is everything.

#25 Damn, Booty Calls!

#26 Ouch! That must have hurt a lot.

#27 That’s the reason why there’s only one mouse trapped.

#28 That was a dark turn.

#29 Real Plastic Surgery.

#30 Berry’s terrifying costume.